Motorsport Photography

"Very high quality photos, and a great guy, will use anytime!  I highly recommended" - R Justice


Like many, I have a passion for motorcycles and racing.  I first raced in 1979-80, but unfortunately for less than a season.  In 2000, I started racing again and rode a Yamaha TZ350 for 10 years with The Forgotten Era Racing Club (FRC) and The Classic Racing Motorcycle Club (CRMC).  During that time, I raced at most of the UK circuits, Chimay in Belgium, and also took in a few ICGP rounds too.
Before retiring, I was lucky enough to be the last ever winner of the FRC 350GP Championship on a TZ350.

Now that I'm a Photographer,  I love being next to the action, and trying to get that special shot is as good as it gets!  I do, however, keep my national licence running in the hope that one day I may ride again!  I love what I do, and it's most appreciated when someone purchases a photo or two, so thank you for your support.

If you'd like to be the focus of a shoot, then drop me an email: and I'll try and help with material for sponsors etc.

If I can help with publicity in your local paper, drop me a line with the name of the publication and the name of the Sports Editor (if you know it), and I'll do my best to help.


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